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2022 Indigenous Achievement Recipients

Celebrating Indigenous Achievements in the Edwards School of Business

Indigenous Achievement Week is a very important and monumental time for the Edwards School of Business. During the annual event, we celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of our Metis, First Nations, and Inuit students, staff, and faculty. This year, Edwards recognized students for their contributions in Leadership, Resiliency, Community Engagement, and Academic Achievement.
The Edwards School of Business is pleased to recognize five students for the 2022 Indigenous Achievement Awards:

Sheldon Corey Bear (He/Him)
Little Pine First Nations
Sheldon is from Little Pine First Nations in Saskatchewan and is currently a fourth-year management student at Edwards. He is truly honoured and grateful to be nominated by his peers for the Resiliency award. Sheldon is a mature student taking full time classes at the University of Saskatchewan, which can be quite a struggle especially during these trying times as everyone continues to learn remotely. Sheldon has a positive outlook and is viewed by his peers as someone who has an “unwavering commitment to his academic goals despite all this life has thrown at him.” Determination, perseverance, hard work, smudging and praying to Creator for strength and guidance, is what got him through it.

Danielle Chaurice Kehler (She/Her)
Kawacatoose First Nations
Danielle is a Plains Cree woman from the Kawacatoose First Nation in her fourth-year at the Edwards School of Business. She is majoring in management and in addition, is an Indigenous artist. Danielle is the Graphic Designer and the Headperson for the Spokesperson portfolio with the Indigenous Business Students Society. She is the Vice-Chair of Delegate Relations for the SevenGen 2022 Indigenous Youth Energy Summit. Danielle is also the “first” First Nations person to be a participant of the 2041 ClimateForce Antarctic Expedition. This opportunity entails becoming an Ambassador for the Antarctic which is charged with making a stand in the fight against anthropogenic climate change.

Dante Erin Carter (She/Her)
Onion Lake Cree Nation
Dante is a proud nêhiyâskwew from Onion Lake Cree Nation. She has a passion for all things EDID (equity, diversity, inclusion, and decolonization)! Dante is a third-year Edwards student and is working towards majoring in marketing and minoring in international business. Along with her studies, she is an active member of the school community where she helps to support Indigenous students as part of the Indigenous Business Students' Society. She works to implement EDID initiatives as the VP of Diversity and Inclusion on the Edwards Business Students' Society.

Community Engagement:
Lauren Olivia Aussant (She/Her)
Métis Nation of Saskatchewan
Lauren is a proud citizen of the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan. She is a third-year management major, and she attributes a significant portion of her university learning to her involvement in the Edwards community since her first year. Currently, Lauren is one of the Directors of Indigenous Initiatives for the Edwards Business Students’ Society, an International Business delegate on JDC West Team Sasky and the Logistics Director for the Indigenous Business Students’ Society. Outside of school, she attends Gabriel Dumont Local 11 events whenever possible to continue learning about her culture and history.

Academic Achievement:
Dayna E.M. Wellman (She/Her)
Métis Nation of Saskatchewan
Living in Saskatoon, Dayna discovered her heritage when she was ten years old through her involvement with Métis awareness programs at her school. Since then, Dayna has taken pride in her heritage and has made it a priority to educate herself about the Métis culture and history. As a fourth-year accounting student, it has been her goal to represent the Indigenous community through her academic excellence. Dayna is honoured to be nominated for this award as it attests to all those who have believed in her throughout her education allowing her the opportunity to be a leader in the community.

The Edwards School of Business would like to congratulate Sheldon, Danielle, Dante, Lauren, and Dayna on their exemplary behavior and hard work.

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