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The Value of a Bachelor of Commerce Degree

When considering some of Edwards previous graduates and looking at the statistics of the six majors, it becomes clear that this degree is not a one-size-fits-all.

Maya Gauthier

Many see the high employment rate that comes from the Edwards School of Business (Edwards) but are unsure of the type of jobs attainable after completing a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm.) degree. When considering some of Edwards previous graduates and looking at the statistics of the six majors, it becomes clear that this degree is not a one-size-fits-all.   

 Each year, Edwards gathers employment statistics from recent graduates of the Bachelor of Commerce program to find out what they’re doing with their degrees. In 2020, the Edwards graduate employment rate was 89.9% across all Bachelor of Commerce majors (accounting, finance, human resources, management, marketing and supply chain management).  

There are different jobs within each major, and some are interchangeable while others are major-specific. For example, it’s possible to get a job in marketing even with a human resources (HR) or management degree. It is less likely, however, to get an accounting job without a major in accounting.                                                  

Some of the most common jobs in accounting consist of accountants, auditors, budget analysts, and claims adjusters. These jobs can be done with private or public firms. Positions in finance often work with predictions and planning. Jobs such as financial analysts, financial planners, and stockbrokers. These positions are also quite major-specific and require certain skill sets that may not be as broad as some of the other majors. 

Roles in marketing are often a mix of creativity and logistics. Different options may include social media, advertising, or branding. Human Resources is another major offered at the Edwards School of Business. This area often works with the well-being and operation of staff within a company. Jobs in this area can include training and development managers, compensation specialists, or recruiters. 

Another major offered at Edwards is management. It is considered to be quite versatile and gives insight into each major which translated into jobs in marketing, HR, and its own section such as consulting or general managing. supply chain management is the last major that Edwards offers. A large part of this degree works with understanding forecasting. Some of the most common roles include business forecasters, project managers, or business analysts.  

It’s important to understand the versatility of a B.Comm. degree and the industries one can end up in. The options do not just consist of large firms or innovative start-ups. 

A B.Comm. degree could also land you a job in healthcare along with 3.3% of Edwards graduates from 2020. In comparison, the same statistics from 2020 showed that 6.6% of Edwards grads obtained jobs in government.  

Edwards alumni are taking these statistics and putting a face to the name. The owner and founder of Parkerview Kombucha, Amy Kaban (B.Comm. 2006) is a perfect example of that. “My degree has provided me with a solid foundation for aspects of my business including communications, accounting, and finance,” said Kaban. “Being able to take a variety of classes helped me to discover my passion for marketing.”  

Another powerful alumnus making her mark in the business world is real estate consultant Taylor Morrison (B.Comm. 2019). She has demonstrated through her actions how versatile a B.Comm. degree can be. Morrison explained, “My day could involve anything from scheduling meetings, completing market evaluations for a seller, listing and promoting properties, creating marketing material, to hosting an open house.” There is no better way to show the value of a B.Comm. degree than powerful business forces putting them in action.  

Understanding and discussing salaries is another key consideration when considering a business degree as everyone wants to live a comfortable and stable lifestyle. Knowing that Edwards has an extremely high employment rate is a good first step when thinking about stability, but you must also consider a competitive salary.  

On average in 2020, the three highest salaries based on majors were Finance, Supply Chain Management, and Management. In 2020 the mean salaries for these majors respectively were $58,657 CAD, $50,371 CAD, and $51,207 CAD. These three majors were also ranked as the highest salaries in 2019.  

The Edwards Co-operative Education program has an even higher employment rate average from 2020. 97.8% of co-op students were employed after graduation which is 8.5% higher than a B.Comm. degree without a co-op placement. The co-op program consists of an 8-month work placement where students get to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to real-world workplaces.  Having this experience on your resume makes for an even stronger contender in the job market.  

If you're interested in learning more about what it’s like to study business at Edwards, chat with current students or alumni here.

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