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Tips from fellow students on how to make the most out of your time at Edwards

Aiden Ryde

New Edwards students had the opportunity to listen to several current students talk about their experiences at the college and advice they have for newcomers to the college, at the January orientation. Edwards advisor, Alex Werenka, organized a panel of current students including Jason Monette, Seth LeMoal, Khrystyna Ostrovsky, Juan Mendoza, and Keinan Kendall. Here are some of their tips:

1. Start a LinkedIn profile

Having a LinkedIn account whilst in school provides numerous benefits for students that helps them ease into the professional world. Not only does it allow connection building amongst like-minded students, but it also allows students to find and build relationships with prospective employers. Additionally, LinkedIn makes for a great source of education. Employers also often utilize the platform to post events and conferences that are open to the public, which provides LinkedIn users with extra opportunities for personal growth.

There is an abundance of courses offered on the platform that can point students in the right direction in terms of a career path. Taking an hour-long training on LinkedIn can be a very effective way for students to set themselves apart from their peers.

2. Get involved

Students get out of their university experience what they put into it. That is why getting involved in activities outside of the classroom is so important to having a memorable university experience. Many students go into university not knowing anyone which makes getting involved in clubs and activities one of the best ways to meet people and make new friends. Meeting new people also makes for great practice when it comes time for professional networking events.

At The Edwards School of Business alone, there are a total of thirteen official clubs including, the Edwards Business Students Society, Young Women in Business, and the Edwards International Students Society. There are also an unimaginable number of clubs and recreational sports leagues outside of Edwards that provide great opportunities for students.

3. Stay up to date with your PAWS email

Although balancing university course work and personal life tasks can be challenging, it is crucial as a student to not forget about the PAWS email. Many of the current events happening on campus only get promoted through newsletters such as The Latest which will only get sent to students PAWS email accounts. Additionally, the PAWS email can be a great way to find volunteer work and other varying forms of work experience.

4. Use the resources available to you

At Edwards, the staff and students go out of their way to make sure students have a great experience during their time at the college. The college provides students with many resources including Edwards Career Services which provides students with various job postings, mentors, academic advisors, and of course the Edwards Co-op Program. Microsoft Office is also available for all Edwards students which offers many tools to help students keep their course work organized. Additionally, Edwards has a free headshot station for students to use that can be booked online.

The transition between high school to university can be a lot to handle for some students. Do not be afraid to ever ask for help whether it be with schoolwork or even just life advice; the professors and advisors at Edwards are always there to help.

5. Make time for you

Lastly, and most importantly, make time for you. University can be extremely stressful at times and finding ways to persevere is crucial. Do not abandon the things you are passionate about. Having those activities and hobbies that are separate from school are important to maintaining a healthy school-life balance. And remember, you are not competing with anyone, just do what works or you.

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