Developing a leadership journey

For over 40 years, Edwards Executive Education has offered a variety of leadership-focused programs. As Saskatchewan’s leader in professional development training, we have refined programming to reflect the current trends and challenges that Saskatchewan leaders face.

Our programs are tailored to match the progressive stages of your leadership journey from team leaders to frontline and operative leaders, to mid-level leaders and top-level leaders.

Edwards Executive Education step-by-step leadership journey

Effective Executive Leadership Program

The Effective Executive Leadership program is Saskatchewan’s most unique and impactful leadership development program, focused on developing and enhancing the leadership capabilities required of senior leaders.

The program is retreat-based and located within the serene setting of beautiful Elk Ridge, Saskatchewan. Through an immersive setting, it provides a blend of self-development, team development, and practical application.

Content is focused on preparing you to elevate successfully to senior-leadership roles while optimizing the critical leadership skills, traits and abilities required to lead effectively at all levels.

During the program’s pandemic hiatus, Effective Executive was redesigned to address cutting edge topics that senior leaders are now facing such as leading with influence, psychological safety, inclusive leadership, and how personalities shape the behaviour of high-performing teams.

Brett Elmgren, the Program Director, is proud of the impact the program has had on participants. He said it has been thoughtfully designed to incorporate a blend of introspective self-development, social team-development, and real-life practical application.

"The Effective Executive Leadership program provides a unique and immersive learning experience for leaders looking to develop and enhance the capabilities required to lead at a senior organizational level," said Elmgren. "If you’re a leader seeking innovative leadership development in preparation for a senior role, this program is the perfect experience for you."

The program weaves together top academics from the University of Saskatchewan, industry experts in the areas of leadership and management, and experts from the College of Kinesiology in fitness and wellness to bring a balance of personal growth and professional development.

Developing leaders

Leadership looks different for everyone depending on where you are in your career. Whether you're leading a meeting, a project, or a team, Edwards Executive Education offers a variety of leadership-focused programs to meet you at your stage of development and build capacity. 

The Leadership Essentials for Supervisors Program is perfect for team leads or those moving into a leadership role for the first time. You will explore tools to transition from a peer to a supervisor effectively, how to allocate management versus leadership efforts and how to create presence and purpose within workplace culture to motivate people.

The Leadership Development Program is well-suited to supervisors and managers with less than five years of leadership experience. This is a 5-day program with virtual and in-person delivery options available. It covers topics such as: developing your leadership style, leading change, building high performance teams, and how to approach coaching and offering feedback.

Level up your skills and experience for yourself everything that Edwards Executive Education has to offer. For more information on our programs and funding eligibility please visit

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