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Master of Science in Marketing

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The MSc in Marketing program was developed by the Edwards School of Business in response to the need for a PhD preparation program. This two year, full-time, research based program focuses on marketing theory, consumer behaviour, and research design. The first year of the program is devoted to coursework, and the second year of the program is devoted to preparing and defending a thesis. 

Throughout the program, students will be paired with one of our knowledgeable and enthusiastic marketing faculty members who will provide caring mentorship to his/her graduate student through a broad range of marketing topics.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be well prepared for entry into a PhD program and a career in academia, or for a career in marketing.

Due to the research intensive nature of the MSc in Marketing program and the need for individual student supervision at the thesis stage, enrolment is currently limited to seven students per year. 


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Program Benefits

For me, being a member of the MSc in Marketing Team is a re-energizing experience. I had the pleasure of interacting with a group of eager, thoughtful, and sometimes critical young thinkers and researchers. My goal is to create an inclusive, supportive, and collegial environment for our collective growth, both personally and academically.

Dr. David Di Zhang
Graduate Chair and Associate Professor

Course Details

  • Core Courses

    For the most up-to-date program information visit the USask Course and Program Catalogue.

    MKT 801 Designing Marketing Research

    This course provides an introduction to marketing research at the graduate level. It explores the steps in the research process, from literature review and research question formulation, to data collection and analysis, to paper writing, presenting, and publishing. Methods common to marketing research studies, such as experiments, qualitative interviews, and others are examined. The course provides both theoretical and practical explanations for the choices made when designing marketing research.  

    MKT 802 Marketing Theory

    This course covers the broad topic of marketing theory. Students will engage in high-level, critical discussion of the theories and models that form the foundation of scholarly work in the field of marketing.

    MKT 803 Consumer Behaviour

    This course will offer students an advanced understanding of behavioural theories of judgment and decision making, with emphasis on consumer behaviour. Specifically, the course will provide at the graduate level a collaborative examination of the processes involved in attention, memory, perception, attitude formation, choice, and satisfaction in consumption-related environments. Substantive knowledge and research methods underlying each of these streams of study will be explored.  

    KIN 808 Univariate Statistics

    Selected experimental and quasi-experimental designs relevant for research in education and behavioral sciences. Multiple and step-wise regression. Introduction to selected multivariate techniques. The use of the various techniques in actual and simulated data in education and behavioral sciences will be an essential component.

    MGT 808 Qualitative Research Methods

    This course provides an in-depth overview of qualitative research methods at the graduate level. We will take a hands-on approach to developing research skills in qualitative research methods widely used in the social sciences. This includes an understanding of methodological approaches, data collection and analysis, and knowledge mobilization techniques.

    MKT 990 Research Seminar in Marketing

    A forum in which faculty members, visiting professors, and MSc students present research papers.  All students participate in MKT 990.  

    GSR 960 Introduction to Ethics and Integrity

    GSR 960 is an online course completed through Course Tools (Blackboard). This is a required course for all first year Graduate Studies students at the U of S. The purpose of this course is to discuss ethical issues that graduate students may face during their time at the University. Students will complete modules dealing with integrity and scholarship, graduate student-supervisor relationships, conflict of interest, conflict resolution and intellectual property and credit.  This course must be completed in the student’s first term as a graduate student.

  • Course Schedule

    The Edwards MSc program architecture consists of the following:

    Year 1 Year 2
    • MKT 801 Designing Marketing Research
    • MKT 802 Marketing Theory
    • MKT 803 Consumer Behaviour
    • Statistical Methods Advanced
    • Qualitative Methods
    • MKT 990 Research Seminar in Marketing
    • GSR 960 Introduction to Ethics
    • Elective Options in business, psychology, economics, education, and other disciplines
    • MKT 990 Research Seminar in Marketing
    • Thesis Work

    These courses comprise the basic structure for the fundamental development of your MSc program of study.  

    Between May and August you are expected to work on your thesis (literature review, methodology, collecting data, etc.). 

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MSc. Marketing Student Profiles


During the thesis component of the MSc in Marketing program, the student will develop, under the supervision of an academic advisor, a research project consisting of the following three stages:

  • The identification of an appropriate thesis topic;
  • The development and completion of the written thesis involving regular interaction with the supervisor; and
  • A final defense of the thesis.

Successful completion of the final defense will require that the research project be completed to the satisfaction of the student's supervisory committee which, in most cases, will consist of the academic supervisor, two other faculty members from within the department, and an external examiner selected from outside the department.

Research Supervisors

You do not have to select a supervisor before you enroll in the MSc Marketing Program at Edwards. Instead, in your first year of study, you will be matched with a supervisor based on your area of interest. All students who are accepted into the MSc program are matched with a supervisor.

Name Research areas
Maureen Bourassa Stakeholder engagement, respect, nuclear, marketing relationships, nonprofit
Vince Bruni-Bossio Strategy, decision-making. accountability
Marjorie Delbaere Persuasive communication, metaphors in advertising, pharmaceutical marketing, healthcare marketing
C. Brooke Dobni Strategy, innovation, organizational performance, strategic management
William Murphy Sales management, International business, Ethics/Problematic behaviour, Supply Chain/Relationship management, Quality Management
Monica Sârghie Marketing - Consumer Behaviour, Nonprofit Marketing
Lee Swanson Community capacity building, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, Aboriginal entrepreneurship, institutional-community engagement
David Williams Evolution of retailing, social commerce
Di Zhang Marketing strategy, international marketing, and entrepreneurship

Application Deadline

The application deadline is January 31st of each year for the following September start date. 



Late applications may be accepted space permitting.

Admission Requirements and Tuition

  • Admission Requirements

    The Edwards MSc in Marketing assesses applicants on a composite basis for admission purposes.  We look at a variety of factors when making admission decisions including undergraduate degree, grade point average, research interest, GMAT/GRE score, and reference letters. An interview may be required.

    Your Completed Admission Package Includes:

    • Completed Online Application Form and $120 Application Fee
    • Official GMAT or GRE Score
    • English Proficiency Scores (if required)
    • A Transcript of your Academic Record
    • Three Letters of Reference
    • Current Resume
    • Letter of Intent

    All documents must be uploaded to your online application. 

    4 Year Undergraduate Degree in Business or a related field

    Applicants must have a four-year undergraduate degree in business or a related field from a recognized university. Applicants must have a cumulative weighted average of at least 70% in the last two years of study (i.e. 60 credit units). Unofficial transcripts from all post-secondary institutions that you have attended must be uploaded to your application. Transcripts from the University of Saskatchewan do not need to be uploaded, but are required from all other institutions you have attended. For countries where degree certificates are issued, they must also be uploaded. If accepted, an official transcript of your academic record is to be sent directly from each institution attended.

    Visit Countries and Qualifications for a listing of countries and the equivalent academic requirements.

    GMAT/GRE Score

    • GMAT - The minimum accepted GMAT score is 550. This test can be written at major centres throughout the world. For information on test centre locations, the nature of the exam, and scoring procedures, please visit the GMAT website. GMAT scores are valid for five years from the date the test is taken.
    • GRE - The minimum accepted GRE score is that which is equivalent to a 550 GMAT score. 

    Letters of Reference

    The Edwards MSc in Marketing requires you to submit 3 confidential letters of recommendation, from professors or others acquainted sufficiently with your training and experience to express an opinion on your ability to undertake graduate training. Two of these must be academic references and one professional.

    1. Contact your referees and ask them to provide a reference for you for the Edwards MSc in Marketing program, and obtain an up to date email address.
    2. You will then fill out your referee’s complete information on the online application form, and enter their current email address.
    3. Once your application is completed, your referee’s will be sent a link where they can fill out an online form for your reference letter.

    Letter of Intent

    Your letter of intent is a chance to tell the Edwards MSc in Marketing Selection Committee what unique and valuable contributions you can make to the program.

    Provide a brief description of your business and educational background, and your goals for the future. How will an MSc in Marketing help you achieve your goals? Describe briefly what your research interests are.

    Discuss why you have decided to apply to the Edwards MSc in Marketing program, and why it is a good fit for you. What specific parts of the Edwards MSc program are you looking forward too?

    Provide explanation as to why you should be accepted into the Edwards MSc in Marketing program rather than any other program.

    Make sure your letter of intent is unique and specific to the Edwards MSc in Marketing program.  We don't want to read generic letters that sound like they could have been sent to any school; We want to know why you have chosen the Edwards MSc in Marketing, and why we should choose you!


    Outline your previous work education and work experience (if applicable) so the selection committee can have a good understanding of your background.

    Proof of English Proficiency

    Proof of English language proficiency may be required for international applicants and for applicants whose first language is not English. See the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Academic Information and Policies for more information. To see whether you will be exempt from this requirement, Click Here. All scores must be from one exam date, not to be combined with other exam dates.  Tests are valid for 24 months after the testing date and must be valid at the beginning of the student’s first term or registration in the graduate program. 

    Virtual English Proficiency Testing Requirements

    Language Test Type

    Minimum Required Score for Admission

    TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition (new)

    • Overall score of 86 with minimum scores of 19 in each area
  • Tuition

    The College of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies at the University of Saskatchewan governs tuitions and fee structures for graduate programs across the university including the MSc program in Marketing. Graduate fees are comparable to similar programs at other universities. The fee structure for graduate studies is provided below:


    Canadian Student Tuition 

    International Student Tuition

    Per Term






    Total Program Tuition** $15,000 $33,750

    *The annual academic calendar for graduate studies consists of 3 terms.

    **The standard length of the MSc in Marketing program is 2 years, although some students take longer to complete. If a student takes longer than two years to complete, they will be assessed appropriate tuition going forward. 

    Graduate studies tuition - Current tuition is also posted on the Money Matters website.

    Student Fees - All graduate students, including international graduate students, must pay the student fees. These fees are subject to review and revision at any time, and, they are non-refundable after the add/drop deadline for a given term. Current fees are posted on the Money Matters website. For information on how and when to pay graduate fees check the University Course Calendar for Payment of Tuition and Compulsory Fees.

    Textbooks and Course Materials - Estimates are about $1,350 for the entire program. This does not include the costs of a computer or other electronic equipment. Textbooks are available at book exchanges in the fall, from students advertising online, or from posted ads on one of the many bulletin boards on campus. You can purchase books online, including second-hand books, from the Uof S Bookstore website.

  • Scholarships and Awards

    Students who are accepted into the program are eligible to receive funding based on the overall merits of their application and available funds.

    Additionally, Edwards has a dedicated award for self-declared First Nation, Métis, and Inuit graduate students:

    • Dean’s Circle awards (three awards valued at $10,000 each) recognize Indigenous graduate students who are entering or continuing a master’s program (Master of Business Administration, Master of Professional Accounting, or Master of Science) at Edwards. The award will be given out in the 2023-24 and 2024-25 academic years to students who are self-declared and have verified their Indigenous citizenship/membership based on the University of Saskatchewan’s deybwewin | taapwaywin | tapwewin policy. 

    For more information on other graduate student scholarships, please visit Award Search.

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